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What could Apple® and the auto industry possibly have in common?


Apple® Inc., a Cupertino, California based electronics giant has been successfully recruiting industry leaders from the auto industry. Why you may ask? Well, yet another “project” is underway by this amazing company.

Apple® (along with other tech savvy leaders) have been working towards building an exceptional team for an electric-car project. Companies are commonly viewing automobiles as mobile devices on wheels. With the latest technology and outstanding software capabilities car engineering is taking a new twist.

The electric-car – Codename “Project Titan” has been underway for sometime and is well beyond the concept stage. Many of Apple’s auto industry related hires have actually been acquired from Tesla – some go so far as to say Tesla employees have been “jumping ship” for the chance of a lifetime to work on this secretive project. The list of talent continues to grow with the most recent hire Doug Betts, global quality leader from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. While the current team houses approximately 200 employees, Apple’s goal is to engage nearly 1,000 in the effort.

You may have also noticed the “Apple®” vans on the streets in an effort to collect data that will improve Apple® Maps. These maps, along with all Iphone and Apple® accessories are sure to be embodied into the electric-car project.

The new project is rumored to be electric powered, Minivan-like in appearance and may or may not be self-driving. As with everything Apple®, details are limited, but eager consumers are inquisitive. As with many initiatives Apple® works on, many never make it to market. However, rumors have it that there is a 2020 production date that the team is currently working towards.

So stayed tuned folks, you may just be in for the ride of your life!

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