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Hot, Hot, Hot!

hot day

It won’t be long before drivers begin summer travels and temperatures begin to creep up. Those are both welcome changes for the humans involved. For our vehicles, however, increasing temperatures can bring breakdowns that sideline exciting plans.

Heat can take a toll on not only the exterior of our vehicles, but on several key systems. Before you end up on the side of a road waiting for a tow truck, your Peninsula Auto Body team encourages you to give your vehicle a little pre-road check.

Your engine can reach more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine adding the stress of environmental heat that leaves many of us sweating. We’re encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our vehicles?

Protect your car by ensuring that its fluid levels, including oil and coolant, are properly maintained. As you motor the streets and highways, keep an eye on your engine’s temperature gauge to make sure you are not in danger of a breakdown.

Heat is also an enemy of your vehicle’s tires. As it does during cooler temperatures, your tire pressure can vary during times of high heat. Be sure to check your pressure regularly to ensure not only that your vehicle is operating at its optimum level, but that you aren’t at risk of a dangerous blow out on the roads.

You should also realize that heat can be as tough on your battery as cold. Be sure to take a few minutes to get your battery checked. A healthy battery will keep you tooling down the road and get you to your destination without a roadside breakdown.

To protect your vehicle as temperatures rise, we encourage you to also use reflective panels in your front and back windows to prevent the sun and heat from bleaching your interior surfaces. You can also save your vehicle’s paint from the beating sun by mindfully parking in the shade and hand wash and dry your vehicle frequently. A good coat of wax will protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays as well.

Our team wishes you safe summer travels!

If, however, your vehicle is involved in an accident as you’re out and about, know that your Peninsula Auto Body team will be here to get you back on the road in tip-top shape.

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