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Detailing Your Vehicle at Peninsula Auto Body


Cleaning of interior of the car with vacuum cleaner


With every mile you drive, your vehicle gathers dirt and grime. It accumulates in every nook and cranny of your car. A solid detailing removes all of that dirt and filth, leaving your car sparkling. Our car detailers here at Peninsula Auto Body use special techniques, tools and technology to detail the inside and outside of vehicles.

During a detailing service, there are several areas of your car we can focus on, depending on the service you select:

  • Paint: Everyone who looks at your vehicle notices you’re the quality of your paint, whether they realize it or not. Our team of professionals will clean, correct, and protect the paint of your vehicle. We also polish your vehicle to carefully remove any scratches or swirl marks. Waxing your car ensures your paint is properly protected.
  • Chassis and wheels: Our professionals carefully clean and detail the undercarriage of your car, along with the wheel walls.
  • Headlights and taillights: Our team takes the time to polish headlights and taillights that are no longer clear and show signs of oxidation.
  • Interior detailing: Our detailing technicians shampoo or steam clean carpets and seats. Any leather will be properly conditioned as well.
  • Engine Bay: This important aspect of detailing is often missed. Our technicians pay close to attention to detail, so we do not let this slide. We will spray the engine bay and use a degreaser to lightly clean it.

Thinking of having your vehicle detailed? Contact us today at Peninsula Auto Body and we can help get your vehicle spotless and glistening in the sun.

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