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Fleet Week in San Francisco!

Fleet Week is returning to San Francisco from October 8-13, 2014!  The annual event is a celebration of San Francisco’s history of military service and maritime tradition, and will also host the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels and the Parade of Ships.  Along with the air shows, there will be many other events taking place during […]

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Seat Belts Can Save Lives

  For many drivers or passengers, putting on your seat belt before driving is either second nature or you make sure it’s the first thing you do when getting in the car.  However, for some people, seat belts aren’t necessary because of any sort of excuse like “I’m just driving down the street, or “I’m […]

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Football is Almost Here!

The 49ers just had their first game at Levi’s Stadium on August 17th and, well, let’s be glad that preseason games don’t count.  Regular season football is right around the corner with the 49ers first game against the Cowboys on September 7th.  One thing’s for sure, we’re ready for some football! Although it’s sad to […]

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