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Man having heart-attack / chest pain in isolated background

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Heart Disease

  Did you know? Heart disease is the number 1 leading cause of death in America. Since 1963, Heart Month has been celebrated every February where many are encouraged to join the battle against heart disease, and help raise awareness amongst their community. We believe that it’s important to be informed and prepared, as heart […]

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Hand holding heart against beautiful setting.

Do Your Part For Your Heart!

February marks Heart Health Month, an appropriate cause that falls within the same month as Valentine’s Day. All of us at Peninsula Auto Body are feeling the love this time of year, so we wanted to share a bit of information on how you can keep yourself “heart healthy.” Read below for some tips! Healthy […]

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San Francisco Panorama with Bay bridge

Things To Do In San Francisco This January

The New Year’s festivities are over, but luckily, there’s always something fun to do in San Francisco! Whether you’re looking to attend a class or a community event this month, we’ve found something for everyone! Check out some of our top pick events we think you can’t miss this January: Safeway Holiday Ice Rink Lace […]

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5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions For Car Owners

New Year, New You! Just because you haven’t been properly caring for your vehicle in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t start today! Check out these easy New Year’s car care resolutions we’ve put together, just for you! 1.Schedule Regular Oil Changes. You’ve likely heard of the 5,000 mile rule before, but do you actually […]

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Peninsula Auto Body Sports Auto Collision’s Gold Medal

Our team members have watched with great pride as American athletes have stepped onto the Olympic podium to accept their gold medals for top performance in their sport. In our industry, we have a gold medal of our own to strive towards. It’s called the I-Car Gold Class Recognition, awarded by a non-profit training organization […]

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Give Back This Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving season is all about spending quality time with the ones you love. Unfortunately, not everyone has a big family dinner to enjoy and it’s important to recognize that. This holiday, take some time to give back to your community and spread the love. There are ample volunteer opportunities all around San Francisco, no […]

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trick or treat halloween safety tips infographic for kids

Halloween Safety Tips!

  Halloween is on its way and that means the streets will be filled with eager and decorated children looking for candy! This is an exciting time of year, filled with imagination, decorations and sweets! It is important, however, not to get caught up with all the excitement and to make sure to remain cautious […]

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Driverless car and autonomous driving concept and safety system symbol as a road with cars and one vehicle with human hands and arms waving up to the sky as a metaphor for hands free autopilot.

To Drive or Self-Drive, That Is The Question

Development of driverless cars is all the rage and is being touted as the way of the future, but are American’s really ready to turn the driving over to a computerized system? The answer may be yes. Think back to your childhood days when you were peddling your bike down the street and threw your […]

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Line of school buses with Stop signs flashing.

Back-To-School Refresher Course For Drivers

Do you know the speed limit in school zones when children are present? How about whether or not you can pass a school bus with flashing red lights on a divided highway? As administrators of South San Francisco Unified School District get the facilities ready for children to return August 17th and elementary and secondary […]

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